Cílem společnosti je nabízet kompletní řešení projektů, které budou odpovídat nejmodernějšímu stavu techniky a na jejichž konci bude spokojený zákazník a uživatel.
The aim of the company is to offer completely packaged projects with solutions that are in harmony with the state-of-the-art of the technology with a satisfied customer and user at the end.
Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, die komplette Abwicklung der Projekte anzubieten, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entspricht, um am Ende zufriedene Kunden und Benutzer zu bekommen.
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Brake Systems

The ability of the railway vehicle to safely stop from the maximum speed within the specified braking distance under any conditions is one of the most important safety features. There is a rule saying that "any vehicle may start moving but every vehicle must stop".

Brake system types most frequently used for railway vehicles:

  • Pneumatic (air pressure) brake,
  • Electromagnetic rail brake,
  • Hydraulic brake,
  • Dynamic brake.

The abovementioned braking systems are used either separately or in combinations, depending on the operation.

In the area of braking systems the VÚKV a.s. offers complex research and development service including both new braking system design projects and adaptations and modernisations of existing systems. The development works include for example feasibility studies, design projects, detailed construction, assistance in manufacture and implementation of the necessary testing performed directly by the VÚKV a.s. testing laboratory.

New system research and development includes the following works:

  • Creation of pneumatic schemes. VÚKV a.s. in cooperation with the selected supplier of the braking outfit and on the basis of the braking calculation selects the required braking apparatus and prepares pneumatic scheme of the vehicle.
  • Installation of the equipment in the vehicle. Fixation of the brakes in the vehicle. There are two basic types of the brake arrangement:
    • Brakes distributed across the bottom of the vehicle underframe,
    • Brakes integrated in the  "pneumatic slab" or the "brake container".
  • Pipelines in the vehicle. Design of the pipeline route, design solution of the pipeline fixation to the vehicle and connections of the pipelines to the individual brakes, or pneumatic slabs or brake containers.

In the context of reconstructions and modernisations of the existing braking systems the VÚKV a.s. offers the following development works:

  • Adaptations of the existing pneumatic scheme.
  • Design of usability plan for the existing and selection of the new apparatus.
  • Design of installation of the modernised braking system to the carriage, with maximum utilisation of the original distribution system and with minimum reconstruction.

Research and development of braking systems for new and modernised railway vehicles is carried out by the VÚKV a.s. in cooperation with the brake suppliers, renowned and long-term partners with extensive experience in the field.