Cílem společnosti je nabízet kompletní řešení projektů, které budou odpovídat nejmodernějšímu stavu techniky a na jejichž konci bude spokojený zákazník a uživatel.
The aim of the company is to offer completely packaged projects with solutions that are in harmony with the state-of-the-art of the technology with a satisfied customer and user at the end.
Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, die komplette Abwicklung der Projekte anzubieten, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entspricht, um am Ende zufriedene Kunden und Benutzer zu bekommen.
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The ability of quick acceleration with low energy consumption is very important for the operator. Drive is the part of the vehicle determining dynamic properties of the vehicle in driving and braking. Some parts of the drive generate significant noise and vibrations and so the selected construction design and method of the wheel suspension directly affect comfort of the passengers and external noise produced by the carriage

In the area of drive research and development the VÚKV a.s. offers:

  • Research activities,
  • Preparation of the project, calculations and design documentation for whole drives for new and modernised railway vehicles of dependent and independent traction (driving motor cars, locomotives etc.),
  • Drive layout design with regard to the required parameters and overall arrangement of the vehicle,
  • Design of engine suspension and other components in cooperation with renowned manufacturers of rubber and metal suspension elements,
  • Design, strength calculation and construction of the load-bearing frame of the drive (the “powerpack") or individual components,
  • Design of wheelset drive for hydro-mechanical, hydro-dynamic or electric output transmission,
  • Building of all transmission components including spatial and dynamic tests,
  • Conceptual and design solutions of drives for secondary equipment (alternators, ventilators, compressors, air-conditioning etc.) with mechanical, hydrostatic or electric output transmission,
  • Design of combustion engine cooling and components of transmission including tempering of aggregates and connection to the carriage heating system,
  • Design of drive accessories:
    • Air conditioning,
    • Exhaust,
    • Fuel line,
    • Diagnostics and signalling,
    • Electrical installations,
    • Fire protection system.