Cílem společnosti je nabízet kompletní řešení projektů, které budou odpovídat nejmodernějšímu stavu techniky a na jejichž konci bude spokojený zákazník a uživatel.
The aim of the company is to offer completely packaged projects with solutions that are in harmony with the state-of-the-art of the technology with a satisfied customer and user at the end.
Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, die komplette Abwicklung der Projekte anzubieten, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entspricht, um am Ende zufriedene Kunden und Benutzer zu bekommen.
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The static strength tests of several rough vehicle structures...

2010: The static strength tests of several rough vehicle structures for locomotives and light passenger multiple units built by several European producers were carried out by VÚKV a. s. Besides, the type tests of freight wagons were carried out for both traditional and new customers (RailTur, Turkey or Ɖuro Ɖaković, Croatia).


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