Cílem společnosti je nabízet kompletní řešení projektů, které budou odpovídat nejmodernějšímu stavu techniky a na jejichž konci bude spokojený zákazník a uživatel.
The aim of the company is to offer completely packaged projects with solutions that are in harmony with the state-of-the-art of the technology with a satisfied customer and user at the end.
Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, die komplette Abwicklung der Projekte anzubieten, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entspricht, um am Ende zufriedene Kunden und Benutzer zu bekommen.
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The Test centre for railway rolling stock and containers VÚKV a. s., Prague,....

The Test centre for railway rolling stock and containers VÚKV a. s., Prague, carried out the tests of electric locomotive Škoda 109E on the reference tracks of ÖBB Infastruktur in Austria. Lateral and vertical forces (Y and Q) on two wheelsets of one bogie, accelerations in the locomotive body and on the bogie frame, speed and cant deficiency were measured. The tests were carried out between the Linz – St. Valentin, Innsbruck – Langen am Arlberg, St. Veit an der Glan – Neumarkt in der Steiermark, Unzmarkt – Knittelfeld – St. Michael and Semmering – Gloggnitz stations. The wheel force measuring was carried out by means of measuring wheel sets System VÚKV 3 developed by VÚKV a. s. The system worked reliably without any serious failure. The mentioned tests are necessary for service approval of the locomotive in Austria.