Cílem společnosti je nabízet kompletní řešení projektů, které budou odpovídat nejmodernějšímu stavu techniky a na jejichž konci bude spokojený zákazník a uživatel.
The aim of the company is to offer completely packaged projects with solutions that are in harmony with the state-of-the-art of the technology with a satisfied customer and user at the end.
Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, die komplette Abwicklung der Projekte anzubieten, die dem neuesten Stand der Technik entspricht, um am Ende zufriedene Kunden und Benutzer zu bekommen.
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Together with increasing demand on the part of the passengers, operators and transport service providers the quality of railway vehicle furnishing and equipment must increase too. For that reason the fleet must be modernised and new vehicles must replace the old ones.

VÚKV a.s. deals with research and development activities on new and face-lifted vehicles used for passenger and freight transport. The institute uses an in-house team of development specialists extended with external experts if needed.

The research organisation offers complex engineering service for prototype development, associated research activities and serial manufacture of railway vehicles. Prototype development includes the following activities:

  • Initial feasibility study
  • Preparation of design documentation
  • Design including preparation of drawing documentation
  • Cooperation in prototype manufacture
  • Preparation of documentation for the approval process
  • Type testing in the testing laboratory of the VÚKV a.s.

Prototype development may also include strength, simulation or other calculations and associated research activities. Serial manufacture is preceded by a profound analysis of knowledge gained in manufacture of prototypes, whose results are reflected in adaptations of the documentation for serial manufacture. VÚKV a.s. also offers preparation of other related documents, such as instruction for operation and maintenance.

VÚKV a.s. carries out long-term monitoring of most up-to-date technologies and trends in railway vehicle development. The knowledge of recent developments is used in new vehicle designing. Another necessary step towards high-standard development is represented by analysis of operation intentions and needs resulting in the decision about the most convenient type and arrangement of the vehicle for the given purpose. The goal is to propose solutions stepping beyond the current technology status, satisfying the user with reliable and economical operation, high aesthetic standards and pleasant and ergonomic working conditions for the operators and comfort for the passengers.

A separate area is represented by modernisation of passenger carriages and goods wagons. Thanks to the significantly different life of some parts of the vehicles it is possible to operate modernised vehicles corresponding to the current technology status and yet cheaper than a completely new railway vehicle. The parts with longer life (such as the carbody construction, the load-bearing parts of the bogies etc.) may be reused following profound inspection and potential local repairs or adaptations. The worn parts or parts outdated due to technological progress (the interior, the electrical outfit, the drive, the regulation, the brake system etc.) are removed and replaced with new, modern solutions.