Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Couplers and passenger gangways

Research and development

VÚKV a.s. offers in the area of vehicle coupling the installation proposals of components as couplers and passenger gangways. It belongs hereto:

  • Simulations of vehicle movements;
  • Kinematic enquiry of construction parts - feature ascertainment;
  • Crash conception proposal;
  • Technical specification of components.

VÚKV a.s. offers its experience in the area of vehicle coupling also the following activities:

  • Cooperation with the subsuppliers during the complex components development;
  • Harmonization of parameters with other vehicle parameters;
  • Compilation of the 3D or 2D vehicle documentation;
  • Supervision at the type tests and first delivery inspektion;
  • Cooperation of the vehicle homologation in the area of the processed components.