Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Research and development

VÚKV a. s. deals with the development and rebuilding of vehicle bodies in the long term and gained a vast experience in this particular field. The vehicle body is the key load-carrying part of a vehicle.

The body structures of railway vehicles are usually designed as welded steel structures or structures welded from large-area extruded aluminium profiles. Sometimes also hybrid construction can be used; e.g. the vehicle body tube is designed from aluminium profiles and the driver’s cab modulus is made of steel.

VÚKV a. s. offers in the development area of steel, aluminium and hybrid vehicle body structures:

  • Preliminary study to examine design and structural strength feasibility;
  • Drafting of project documentation;
  • Drafting of design documentation;
  • Calculation support:
    • Structural strength calculations;
    • Crashworthiness calculations;
    • Simulation calculations;
    • Analyses of welding, screw and bonded joints.