Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Long-term experience in the field, extensive practical experience and excellent professional knowledge and skills of the staff are values allowing the VÚKV a.s. to offer and provide high-standard advisory and other services of this kind.

The scope of activity of the VÚKV a.s. in this area is quite broad. The main areas in which the Company offers consultancy include but are not limited to:

  • Technical parameters of rail vehicles (technical specifications)
  • Design projects
  • Design solutions
  • Construction and strength optimisations
  • Propositions of tests and analyses of test results
  • Technical computations
  • Failure states in operation
  • Amendment categories from the point of view of safety assessment (CSM RA)
  • Essentials of risk management process (CSM RA)
  • Standardisation.

The form, volume and method of provision of consultancy service is agreed with the clients on an individual basis.

The pertinent resulting risks are proved by our impartialness and independence analysis which will be carried out before each order.