Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Brake Systems

Research and development

In the area of braking systems, VÚKV a. s. offers complex development service including both new braking system design projects and adaptations and modernisations of existing systems. The development works include for example feasibility studies, design projects, detailed construction and assistance in manufacture implementation.

New system development includes the following works:

  • Concept proposals of brake systems incl. creation of pneumatic schemes;
  • Carrying out brake calculations;
  • Installation proposals of the brake equipment in the vehicle;
  • Installation of pipelines in the vehicle (position, fixation and connections to brake apparatus).

In the context of reconstructions and modernisations of the existing braking systems, VÚKV a. s. offers the following works:

  • Checking the existing brake calculations;
  • Adaptations of the existing pneumatic scheme;
  • Design of usability plan for the existing apparatus and selection of the new ones;
  • Design of installation of the modernised braking system into the carriage, with maximum utilisation of the original distribution system and with minimum modification.