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Vehicle Fronts

Research and development

VÚKV a.s. is involved in the rail vehicle front part development and has wide experience in that area. The front part is an important element of the overall design and determines the vehicle layout.

The vehicle front parts are solved on the base of the design proposal and conformable to the overall vehicle layout. They are proposed as composite shells in various designs – with single-layer or sandwich structure, consisting of one or more parts. The front parts are fitted with adjustments for the equipment assembly – front or side glazing, external lightning, air conditioning and other parts. The front part shells are proposed in such a way to create one strength unit after connecting with front part rough structure.

VÚKV a.s. offers the following activities in the area of composite vehicle front parts development:

  • Opening design and strength feasibility study of the given design proposal,
  • Processing of project documentation,
  • Processing of design documentation,
  • Calculation support:
    • Strength calculations of carrying structures;
    • Strength simulations of crashworthiness;
    • Strength calculations of bonded and screw joints.