Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Research and development

VÚKV a. s. offers in the area of traction systems development:

  • Preparation of the project, calculations and design documentation for complete drives for both new and modernised diesel or electric railway vehicles (diesel and electric railcars, locomotives etc.) and mechanical parts of traction systems for electric powered vehicles (trams, EMU’s, undergrounds, locomotives) using components delivered by specialized suppliers (motors, gear boxes, cooling aggregates etc.);
  • Drive layout design with regard to the required parameters and space dispositions given by overall arrangement of the vehicle;
  • Design of engine suspension and other components in cooperation with renowned manufacturers of rubber and metal suspension elements;
  • Design, strength calculation and construction of the load-bearing frame of the drive (“power pack") or individual components;
  • Design of wheelset drive for hydro-mechanical, hydro-dynamic or electric power transmission using components from renowned suppliers;
  • Installation of all transmission components including spatial, kinematic and dynamic tests;
  • Conceptual and design solutions of auxiliary equipment drives (alternators, ventilators, compressors, air-conditioning etc.) with mechanical, hydrostatic or electric power transmission;
  • Design of combustion engine cooling and components of transmission including temperature treatment of aggregates and connection to the carriage heating system;
  • Design of drive accessories:
    • Air preparation;
    • Exhaust;
    • Fuel line;
    • Diagnostics and signalling;
    • Electrical installations;
    • Fire protection system.