Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Research and development

VÚKV a. s. deals with development of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems for both passenger and freight transport. These development works include calculations of thermal balance and design solutions of cross sections, air channel lines and insulation systems. The development takes into account a number of different parameters such as the nature of the carriage operation, the local climatic conditions. The integral part is the displacement and type proposal of particular heating, ventilation and air-conditioning aggregates with reference to vehicle concept.

The systems with pressure flush protection for pass-by and high-speed tunnel passing effects reduction can be proposed in case of passenger vehicles.

VÚKV a. s. offers solutions from preliminary study (proposal for a system, arrangement and the links between individual parts) via the drafting of the project documentation through to a detailed design. The development stage can continue with further cooperation during adjustment and optimizing of the system.