Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Equipment of Testing Laboratory

Test Centre
VÚKV test centre at CerheniceThe VÚKV testing laboratory has facilities for the preparation and execution of tests of rolling stock, which are located in close proximity to the railway test track at Velim.Halls for preparation and execution of tests

There are two halls available for the preparation of vehicles for tests and for execution of stationary tests. The halls are equipped with:

  • tracks,
  • cranes,
  • test bench for static strength tests,
  • yaw test rig for measuring of bogie yaw resistance (turntable),
  • lifting jacks,
  • compressed air source.

The halls are also equipped with sanitary facilities, office space and meeting rooms for customer use.

Test hump

There is a test hump on the premises which is designed to perform buffer impact tests in accordance with EN 12663.

Parking tracks

There are parking tracks on site available for parking vehicles during testing.

Direct connection to the VUZ Velim Test Centre

The site has a direct rail connection to the VUZ Velim Test Centre, on whose premises it is located:

  • S-shaped curve with parameters according to EN 15839,
  • large and small test track, maximum permissible speed 200 km/h, power supply systems: 0.75 kV DC; 1.5 kV DC; 3 kV DC; 15 kV AC 16.7 Hz; 25 kV AC 50 Hz, including recuperation.

Special testing technology

VÚKV test centre uses portable test benches which can be used for testing at the facility of the VÚKV test centre or that can be moved to the customer's site for testing:

  • portable test rig for wheel unloading test and sway test according to EN 14363,
  • portable yaw test rig (turntable) for measurement of bogie yaw resistance,
  • portable test bench for static strength tests,
  • portable calibration rig for calibration of instrumented wheelsets of the VUKV technology.

Measuring car

VÚKV test centre owns a measuring car for international use (maximum speed 200 km/h), which is used for on-track tests.

In connection with the extension of the Science and Research Centre is possible, the new test hall can be used for research tests in areas such as safety against derailment, strength, etc. within the framework of open access to the supported research infrastructure. We can now offer the following services:

  • Rental of the equipped hall for test preparation,
  • Safety against derailment tests,
  • Measurement of bogie yaw resistance,
  • Vehicle weighing,
  • Static strength tests.

Access to the research infrastructure is made available to other users as a commercial service.

If you are interested in using the technologies of the test hall, please contact the chief manager of the test laboratory Mr. Jan Čapek: