Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Noise tests

Test Centre

We carry out the noise tests in interior and exterior of rolling stock.

The tests shall be carried out in accordance with TSI NOI, European or according to special customer requirements.

The main purpose of these tests is to determine the noise characteristics of vehicles and their effect on passengers and the surrounding environment.

Most of the measurements of the acoustic parameters of the vehicles are carried out on the noise reference track section of the VUZ Velim test centre. The noise track section meets the requirements for track quality in terms of the requirements of the standards for the rail acoustic roughness and the track decay rate.

Following tests are offered:

  • measurement of the noise level emitted by the vehicle at standstill, when travelling at constant speed, when starting and braking,
  • measurement of the noise level inside the vehicle in the passenger compartment and at the driver's position under various operating conditions,
  • measurement of acoustic warning devices (horns, door acoustics etc.),

In connection with the noise tests, we also carry out:

  • measurement of wheel acoustic roughness,
  • measurement of rail acoustic roughness,

measurement of track decay rate.