Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Assessment of Rolling Stock – Europe


In each European country the National Safety Authority (NSA) which is empowered with approvals of rolling stock. The system of work of these NSA is not unified but they often cooperate with professional partners whose assessments (evaluations) are important materials on which their decisions are based. The relevant European legislation is valid for the EU members (Commission implementing regulation EU 2018/545 of 4 April 2018 which determines the practical rules for approval process of railway vehicles and their types and related documents). The relevant approval process appears always from the requirements stated in the quoted Commission implementing regulation.

The necessary groundwork and information for the approval process of railway vehicles and types are clearly stated on the particular pages of the One Stop Shop form which is managed by ERA (general reference under

A part of the required groundwork is also a positive documentation evaluation of the railway vehicle and its properties, given by results of tests and further verifications carried out. This evaluation is ensured by authorized subject.

VÚKV a.s. is and accepted and acknowledged partner by many NSA and elaborates the properties assessments of railway rolling stock or their parts on the base of mutual agreed process.

VÚKV a.s. is an associated partner of several notified bodies and/or designated subjects whose power also covers Czech Republic.