Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Research Projects


VÚKV a. s. is a research organization in conformity with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 and Act No. 130/2002 Coll. in the Czech Republic

VÚKV a. s. is engaged in applied research in collaboration with technical universities in the Czech Republic, e.g.:

  • University of West Bohemia, Plzeň (Regional Technological Institute);
  • Czech Technical University, Prague (Dept. of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering);
  • Jan Perner Faculty of Transport, Pardubice.

The specialists in VÚKV a. s. participate in research projects granted by providers in the Czech Republic and in research projects within the scope of European Union, e.g. Novibrail; Tesil; Twist. VÚKV a. s. is the member of the Competence Centre for rail vehicles which was founded with the support of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

The research is carried out in the following branches:

  • Bogies
  • Car body structures
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Mutual interaction vehicle – infrastructure
  • Mutual interaction vehicle – environment
  • Mechanical parts of driving mechanism
  • Brake systems
  • Vehicle operation
  • Legislation and technical regulations
Josef Bozek National Center of Competence for Surface Vehicles
Abbreviated title:
Research and development of future sustainable mobility means by both road and rail vehicles and their engagement into the transport systems regarding the strategic development of technical level of areas important for the economy of Czech Republic and for the immediate aims of the industry and customers.
Competitiveness increasing in the export branche. Foundation of a consortium for the long-term cooperation which use the synergy between the neighbour branches with similar development problems and the synergy from the cooperation between the academic, research and industry working places which enable to locate the activities to decisive problems aplicable in the market of future means of transport and mobility ensuring.
Analysis of tram-pedestrian traffic collision, validation of simulation models
Abbreviated title:
Safety increasing of tramways regarding the pedestrians. The project solves both passive and active safety tasks. Creating of the methodology of tramway-pedestrian impact tests with a testing dummy. The simulation model of the collision tramway-pedestrian will be created using of crash tests.
Effective proposel of more safe vehicle structures. Using of the apparatus and methodology for experimental verification of the contribution, functionality and necessity of the automatic braking system before an obstacle.
Force effects measurements in the test curve 150 m
Abbreviated title:
Oblouk 150
Measuring system for force effect measurement between the wheel and rail from the running vehicle with on-line output of measured quantities. It is a stationary track-installed system used especially in non-superelevated curve with radius 150 m where these force values are required by EN 14363 for safety against derailment evaluation. In principe is possible to place the measuring system to any track with the aim to ascertain the force effects of the passing vehicle to this track.
The developed measuring system will be used during the tests of rail vehicles - both homologization tests necessary for the approval of new vehicles and the research and development tests. There are the tests directed to the vehicle safety under operation and force effects of the vehicles to track. The realization will contribute to the development of new more safe vehicles with lower operation costs.