Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock
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Research and development

Every research and development project that VÚKV a.s. works on has a clearly defined organisation. The research and development team has a leader who is responsible for the whole, and then individual specialists who know their subgroups in detail, including the history of their development.

Thanks to this defined structure and the continuous collaboration between the R&D staff and the manufacturer's technology staff, the R&D and pre-production phases are linked throughout the development process. Potential risks are detected early and can be addressed without significant time and material losses. This continuous cooperation results in a smooth start of prototype production.

In spite of the cooperation described above, which is aimed at preventing complications early on, it is necessary for the R&D staff to be present during the production of the prototype and to resolve any problems that arise promptly. VÚKV a.s. also offers such services and implements them for most projects. As part of this activity, operational advisory and consultancy services are provided directly at the production plant. The forms of this cooperation are different for each project and are always subject to agreement between VÚKV a.s. and the manufacturer.

The prototype production process, which VÚKV a.s. monitors and documents in the manner described above, is followed by the modification of the prototype documentation, which incorporates the acquired knowledge. This results in the production drawing documentation of the serial design.