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Static strength

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Static strength tests of all kinds of rolling stock, their body structures, bogies and other parts are essential to ensure the reliability and safety of rolling stock service and compliance with legislative requirements for new products in this area.

We carry out the static strength tests of rolling stock and its parts within the framework of accredited testing laboratory No. 1085. The aim of these tests is not only to determine the static strength of the vehicle structure, but also to validate the strength calculations of both passenger and freight rolling stock.

The tests shall be carried out in accordance with TSI LOC&PAS, TSI WAG, European and national standards, UIC leaflets, ERRI and VDV documents or according to special customer requirements.




Equipment of the testing laboratory for static strength tests

Test bench at the facility of the VÚKV test centre

  • maximum achievable longitudinal compressive force of 4 000 kN (length of the vehicle under test max. 39 m),
  • maximum achievable longitudinal compressive force of 2 000 kN (length of the vehicle under test max. 60 m),
  • maximum achievable longitudinal tensile force of 2 000 kN,
  • vertical forces are simulated by hydraulic systems,

Mobile test bench allowing tests to be carried out at the customer's site:

  • maximum achievable longitudinal force 500 kN
  • maximum length of the vehicle under test 45 m
  • vertical loading by means of weights

Measuring system for a measurement of forces, stresses and strains in a range of up to 500 measuring channels.